Acne Solutions and Facials: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Treating Acne

Woman checking her acne

Many of us suffer from acne when we were teenagers and thought that we’d eventually grow out of it. Unfortunately, we don’t always do.

Many adults still suffer from persistent acne, and even those who have relatively clear skin still see occasional zits from time to time due to hormonal changes.

This is why acne management is one of the most important parts of skincare that none of us can ignore.

Before we get into the details of acne treatment, let’s get to the bottom of how acne occurs.

How does acne occur?

Formation of skin pimples and acne

Every pore of our skin has a follicle, and within the follicle, there’s a sebaceous (oil) gland that secretes sebum (oil) naturally. Our sebaceous gland releases sebum that travels up the hair, out from the follicle, and onto the surface of our skin.

When our sebaceous gland is overactive, it can produce too much sebum for our skin and cause our pores to be blocked. When our pores are clogged, forming a plug that’s made up of sebum and dead skin, they become a great environment for acne to happen.

This is because P. Acnes, the type of bacteria that is responsible for causing acne, “feeds” on this plug, and in turn inflame our skin. The inflammation manifests as a red, swollen bump that’s sometimes filled with pus.

What can aggravate acne?

Because of the conditions mentioned above, there are a few things that can aggravate the appearance of acne.

First, excess sebum. If excess sebum is not removed using the right products, coupled with regular exfoliation to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells, our pores can be clogged, building a great environment for bacteria to thrive.

Next, inflammation. Pimples are essentially inflamed skin, so avoid introducing bacteria to skin to reduce the chance of inflammation. This means to practise good hygiene when you touch your face and to clean items that are often in touch with your skin regularly (such as your fringe, phone, pillowcase, and spectacles).

Acne solutions

There are many acne solutions in the market that help to reduce oil production as a way to minimise clogged pores. However, these solutions can sometimes dry out skin harshly.

What this means is that even though you won’t have acne problems, you’ll have to suffer dry, flaky skin that looks dull and tired.

What do bees have to do with acne treatment?


A lot, apparently! Studies that look into the compounds produced by bees found that besides honey and royal jelly – both of which have great healing properties – propolis is another ingredient that has incredible anti-inflammatory and healing abilities.

Propolis is sometimes known as “bee glue” because it’s the substance that’s produced by honey bees to seal up unwanted spaces in their hives. This unique natural ingredient has been used in medicine to fight infections and heal wounds.

The most popular study about propolis saw that the ingredient was able to help those with burn wounds heal faster. According to the study, propolis was able to speed up the growth of healthy cells.

This is why propolis is fast becoming the “it” ingredient for acne solution. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s able to get rid of the bacteria that cause acne.

At the same time, it also heals skin so it improves its ability to fight off bacteria on its own while getting rid of existing blemishes.

In other words, propolis helps to get rid of the root problems of acne, without drying out the skin – a big problem that many acne sufferers who use conventional products often complain about. Hence we offer an advance propolis acne control kit consisting of Propolis Vitamin A and (Ampoule) Sebum Clarifying Mask (40g)

Try an acne facial that treats your acne problem

Understanding the benefits of Propolis, BMF BMF has harnessed its goodness and included it as a key ingredient for its acne facial solution. This facial treatment is called Advanced Propolis Active Control (Corrective Treatments – Purifying), a facial treatment that is designed especially for acne-prone skin.

The key ingredients used in this acne treatment include propolis, algae, marine extracts, and tea tree oil – all of which are among the best natural ingredients around that have been proven to treat acne. They may be potent, but extremely gentle on the skin.

Woman having facial treatment

The facial begins with an extraction, which uses a high-frequency tool to disinfect and prep the face. Next, a lymphatic drainage facial massage is administered to clear any clogs, and to help with detoxification.

These steps help to prep the skin so it is able to absorb and receive all the benefits and nutrients from the specially concocted Propolis Vitamin A cocktail.

After the unique serum is applied, the Sebum Clarifying Mask, which contains algae, marine extracts, and tea tree oil is put on the face to soothe and calm the skin.

At the first facial, most clients experience “cleaner” and healthier skin, and are able to visibly notice less congested and clearer skin that looks less red.

Because the facial helps to remove the build-up of sebum and bacteria in the pores, inflammation and acne can be prevented. This is why most clients will also notice less occurrence of acne in the days after the facial.

In order to eventually build up the natural defence of your skin and ensure that it will remain stable and clear, regular sessions can certainly help to maintain the ideal state of your skin.

Besides helping to heal blemishes and prevent the occurrence of acne, this facial promotes cell regeneration, which is why many clients also notice that their acne scars look less visible than before. This facial is also one of the best acne-solution facials available in Singapore.

Woman with acne

Clients who suffer from oily, congested skin, combination skin, enlarged pores, skin that’s prone to pimples, comedones, pustules, blotchiness, and irritation are going to find the Advanced Propolis Active Control most useful for them.

Each session costs $250 and is available strictly by appointment only. Call 18007777111 to make an appointment. Find your nearest BMF BMF outlet here.