Get a trendy hourglass figure with body contouring and sculpting

Get a trendy hourglass figure with body contouring and sculpting

So you’re at a healthy body weight, but you notice there are still some areas to be improved that diet and exercise somehow can’t seem to fix (like loose skin and cellulite). This can be frustrating as these issues can be so resistant to all our efforts! A healthy weight is important, but we all want to look good and feel good too. Sometimes despite the heathy weight, we still have to deal with loose skin and cellulite due to pregnancy, weight loss, and aging. You’ve already worked so hard for your body; it is time to sit back, relax and let BMF handle the rest!

ONDA Smart Body Intelligent is a 2 time winner for Best Innovative technology with more than 90% satisfaction rate! With proven results in fat reduction, visible cellulite reduction and firmer skin – all in one treatment session. Your desire of a firm, sculpted and contoured body is only just a treatment session away! ONDA is irreplaceable and unique as it treats localized fat deposits, cellulite and skin laxity all while being non-invasive and safe. A real revolution in the body shaping field, a 3-in-1 effect giving you immediate, visible and long-lasting results. ONDA induces a regenerating and toning action that is effective over time, with minimal side effects.

How does ONDA work and how can it help me?

ONDA penetrates deep and demolishes the cell membranes of the subcutaneous adipose cells to dissolve localized fat deposits. The residual fat is then broken down and eliminated by natural cellular metabolism. It then stimulates the connective tissue surrounding the adipose lobules of the cellulite, diminishing the “orange peel” effect. New collagen will be stimulated and produced thereby tightening and toning the tissues. This safe and effective treatment works deep and targeted without causing any damage to nearby skin. By using Coolwaves® technology, only 20% of the energy reaches the derma and the remaining 80% penetrates the fat painlessly.

Onda Technology

To ensure maximum comfort and safety on the skin, ONDA uses two Smart Handpieces to emit Coolwaves® technology to various depths for perfect modulation and adaptation for each client, for the treatment type and for the area to be treated. Guided by electromagnetic fields, they affect deep layer of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, without dispersing energy into the tissue or over-heating it, which would damage nearby skin. A built-in cooling contact system (5°C) also ensures total patient comfort.

The areas which ONDA works best would be the abdomen, thighs, hips and submental area. Recommended frequency of treatment would be only advised upon consultation.

5 Reasons ONDA is a hot favourite!

  • Maximum comfort
  • Effective and non-invasive
  • Removes fat cells permanently
  • Remodels collagen to keep skin firm and tight
  • Uses patented CoolWaves® technology to simultaneously destroy fat and tighten skin

So you’re contoured and sculpted to perfection, what’s next? Maintenance!

While ONDA works wonders and treatment results are permanent, it does not stop new fat cells from being formed. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet and leading an active lifestyle is crucial. If you’re not sure how, don’t worry! BMF is with you every step of the way to guide you. Our team of in-house nutritionists are there for you to approach anytime. They would be able to share nutrition advice and even curate your very own bespoke meal plan if that is what you need. The team will also be contactable outside of the center if you have any questions or concerns anytime. We are dedicated to being by your side at every step of your journey.

To prolong treatment results, we also advise home care products to be used concurrently and in between treatments sessions.

Bodytech Herbal Cream


BodyTech Herbal Cream is an ideal home treatment for cases of cellulite and excess fatty deposits or for contouring.

The Herbal Cream is a body cream with biological properties. The blend of ancient medicinal herbs of Ivy Extract, Maca, Cinnamon Oil, helps to decongest, remove wastes, and release fatty deposits for natural elimination. The therapeutic warmth developed right after application boosts circulation and synergizes the benefits of the active ingredients.


Bodytech Redefining Mouse


This innovative mousse serum uses cutting-edge technology to improve one's silhouette. The texture allows easy massaging into the skin while the thermal effect generated with application aids in correcting problem areas. It contains a synergy of active ingredients that targets fats, improves skins firmness and boosts cell metabolism which results in better skin complexion and minimises the appearance of cellulite.


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