The truth about Fat Freezing and shocking before and after results!

The truth about Fat Freezing and shocking before and after results!

Fat freezing may sound counter-intuitive - shouldn’t we be burning fat instead? Fat freezing has been around for years and has become an effective non-surgical option for those who want to shed the extra inches. While liposuction may be another effective way to remove excess fat, it is invasive and comes with the usual risks associated with surgery. With advancements in technology these days, fat freezing has become a great alternative to other more invasive methods with a very limited side-effect profile.

There have been some misunderstandings about fat freezing - and we’re here to set out the facts!

  1. Fat freezing combines efficiency with a relaxing experience
    The treatment is carried out by experienced and trained therapists who will administer the session with care and precision, ensuring the unwanted fats at the desired area are treated.
  2. Fat freezing requires little to no downtime
    Don’t fret - you can go about your day!
  3. Fat freezing is not harmful to the body
    The beauty of fat freezing technology is exactly how effective it is, while being a non-invasive treatment.

At BMF, our fat freezing treatment – ProFreeze uses technology to safely freeze fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. What is so amazing about ProFreeze is that it can target those pockets of fat that do not respond to cutting calories in your diet or personalized exercise plans, therefore everyone can achieve inch loss!

Another amazing aspect of ProFreeze is that it allows the body to continue stimulating the apoptosis of fat cells (otherwise known as programmed cell death) all the way up to 14 days! From the 14th to 30th day, your body will naturally dispel the fat as part of the body’s natural response to recuperate from cell death caused by the cold temperature. 2 to 3 months later, the connective tissue thickens and strengthens; and fat volume in the treated area will be reduced.

Why choose ProFreeze?

ProFreeze uses CoolTech technology which works by the process of cryolipolysis, where fat cells are frozen, resulting in overall reduction of fat cells.

With ProFreeze, you can expect little to no downtime, reshaping of your silhouette and improved skin elasticity – permanently removing up to 25%* of unwanted fat in a single session on the treated area! All while lying down and relaxing. Talk about maximum comfort while reducing fat!

The longevity of the treatment results is purely based on a person’s lifestyle. In order to maintain the results, we advise that you drink at least 2 liters of water a day and eat a balanced diet. If you are unsure whether your diet is balanced enough and whether you are getting maximum nutrition, do not hesitate to approach our in-house nutritionists!

Check out these before and afters of only ONE session of ProFreeze

Woman, Age 28After 1 session: 4 weeks later

Before/After - Woman age 28

Woman, Age 32After 1 session: 5 weeks later

Before/After - Woman age 32

If you would like to perfect your new body a little further, you can complement ProFreeze with BMF’s other star treatment - ONDA™ Smart Body Intelligent. ONDA™ helps to stimulate the production of fresh collagen to keep the skin tightened and toned, so you can flaunt your figure almost immediately after the treatment! Find out more about ONDA™ here.

Get the most out of your ProFreeze treatment by doing detox treatments beforehand. Detox treatments will ensure water retention is reduced, toxins are released, bloating is subsided and cell metabolism is stimulated. Find out more about our detox treatments here. Besides eating well and going for treatments regularly, you can maintain and prolong the treatment results with our specially formulated homecare products.

Instant Reduction and ActivSculpt Serum

Instant Reduction and ActivSculpt Serum

Instant Reduction Slim Patch

Reduce belly fat and flaunt a slim silhouette with BMF’s Instant Reduction Slim Patch using breakthrough Trans-Dermal technology. This optimises the delivery of botanical actives deep into the dermis for effective slimming results.

Experience 3X fat-burning power to speed up fat oxidation, and tighten and contour the waist for a more defined body shape. Safe, convenient and easy to use. Wear it under your clothes while you are on the go, working or sleeping!

ActivSculpt Serum

Reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite with ActivSculpt Serum. This serum helps to sculpt and tone the targeted areas to keep the body in shape.


Body Tech Perfectionist Serum

Body Tech Perfectionist Serum

Formulated with strong scientific research to intensively shape and tone the body. Refreshing and lightweight, this premium gel serum effectively sculpts the body while leaving skin smooth and soft.

Powerful action with multiple benefits:

  • Targets areas with excess fat
  • Relieves heaviness and smooths dimpled skin conditions
  • Regenerates and strengthens skin structure, thus promotes healthy and resilient skin

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*Clinical results V 0.3 (29 October 2013) REV. CC from research conducted by Dr Xavier Sánchez Tarrago during a period of 3 months, a group of 20 patients was subjected to the controlled cooling and vacuum system treatment, using Cooltechnology (Cryotechnology) device, to assess the different fat reduction in the abdomen area.