How To Find A Sheet Mask That Really Works?

Sheet masks are like multi-vitamin supplements for your skin and they offer a boost to your skin overall wellbeing.

If you’re like most women out there, you’ve probably tried various kinds of sheet masks, each promising to make a real and immediate difference to your complexion – instant radiance, lasting hydration, touchable smoothness, and youthful suppleness are just some of the many promises touted and that we all desperately want to believe.

When it comes to real tangible benefits, when the mask comes off, some actually deliver while others are a let down. So how do you pick a mask that really works? Here are three factors to consider:

#1. More than just regular ingredients

Some masks offer pretty much the same ingredients as regular skincare lotions, serums and concentrates. These ingredients often include botanical extracts, antioxidants, and moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid and fatty acids.

For more immediate and lasting skin benefits, an effective sheet mask formula calls for super-charged ingredients such as epidermal growth factors (EGF). EGF is a protein chain that was scientifically developed for skin recovery and wound healing.

EGF basically helps to stimulate skin regeneration at a cellular level, making it function like young skin, and helping the complexion regain youthful suppleness, clarity and radiance.

One mask that contains EGF is BMF’s Youth Bank Face Filler Mask, which promise to restore skin radiance, moisture levels, and diminish signs of ageing and tiredness from the first use.

#2. Just as nature intended

Another factor that makes a sheet mask truly effective is a little technological innovation, like biomimicry know-how. In skincare science, biomimicry is the idea of solving a skin problem by copying nature’s patterns and strategies.

So, for example, instead of just including just any kind of peptides (the building blocks of skin protein) to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin’s network, an effective mask would have biomimetic peptides instead. These are strings of amino acids that are formulated to be identical to skin’s natural protein structure so that you see real and fast improvements to your skin texture from the moment you peel off the sheet mask.

One mask formula in which you’ll find biomimetic peptides is BMF’s Youth Bank Eye Filler Mask. When applied to the eye area for 30 minutes, it reportedly works to abate dark circles, smooth away fine lines and brighten the entire eye area instantly.

#3. Know your skin

Not all skin types can benefit from the various kinds of sheet masks available. Sheet masks soaked in concentrates that have richer textures (like milk lotions or viscous cream types) are better for dry or mature skin types. They may prove too saturated for normal and oily skin types, and could cause pimples, comedones or worse, breakouts.

A prefered type of sheet mask concentrate would be a liquidy serum texture. These formulas penetrate into skin faster and do not leave a tacky, occlusive layer. What’s even better? They work for all skin types - from oily to dry.

Precisely because of its lightweight serum formula that suits all skin types, the two Youth Bank Masks – Eye Filler Mask and Face Filler Mask – from BMF are must-tries for anyone looking for an extra and effective pampering treat to include in their skincare routine.

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