Regaining Your Body Confidence after Giving Birth

Regaining Your Body Confidence after Giving Birth

The sacrifices a mum makes are countless. The moment a woman decides to have a baby, she is accepting changes in her body and her life. Besides all the lifestyle changes she has to make, a mother also has to deal with her bodily changes.

Ways our body changes throughout pregnancy

Ways the body changes throughout pregnancy

Now that your diet will pave the way for your child, you want to make sure that you give your child the greatest gift by eating well-balanced meals and nutritious food.

No doubt eating well will ensure that you have all the nutrients you need for the growing fetus, symptoms of pregnancy are not biased, and even the healthiest woman may experience body changes during pregnancy such as mood swings, random breakouts and acne, varicose veins appearing, or irregular eating habits, just to name a few.

With the birth of the baby, a woman will continue to experience changes in her body such as skin discolouration, hair loss, constipation, swollen legs, the appearance of varicose veins, and changes in energy levels.

To cope with these bodily changes throughout your pregnancy, it is important to make sure that you eat well to put essential nutrients back into your body to help with your bodily repairs, and give you the energy you need to take care of your newborn child.

Give Essential Nutrients to your body

How can BMF Marie France help?

According to BMF BMF's nutritionist, new mothers should drink sufficient water, and confinement meals should contain sufficient lean protein food, sufficient green vegetables with fibre and potassium, with moderate amounts of high fibre starch to prevent bad blood circulation and water retention. Failing to do so may affect your overall health and also your weight loss goals.

Taking care of a newborn is no small feat and many new mothers, especially those with no helping hands by their side, may lack sleep and neglect their meals. BMF BMF’s nutritionist also mentioned that not having enough sleep and having unbalanced meals, especially those that are high in fats and calories may result is a post-natal weight gain instead of a weight loss. Keep in mind that the recommended calorie intake is about 1500 to 1800 per meal for breastfeeding mothers.

BMF Nutritionists are here to help

The nutritionists at BMF BMF provide one to one counselling and guidance to help mothers recover better, have better quality breast milk, and at the same time, let mothers regain their body confidence after childbirth with their nutrition plans.

Besides taking care of your postpartum body from within, BMF Marie France also offers skin and body treatments targeted especially for post-natal moms.

Skin & Body Treatments by BMF

Celebrity Fann Wong followed a carefully planned and customized slimming programme at BMF BMF after her childbirth and lost a total of 16kg and over 29 inches in about 2.5 months. She mentioned that her favourite treatment is none other than the 360 Turnaround that combines both skincare treatment, Hydraintense Solution, and body care treatment, Pro-Freeze therapy. Hydraintense Solution helps to hydrate and revive her tired skin, and at the same time, keeps her skin firm and taut; whereas Pro-Freeze therapy takes good care of her body to remove unwanted fat and reshapes her silhouette.

Motherhood is a rewarding, but definitely an arduous journey. Making time and effort to take good care of yourself is a long-term investment. Be in the best of health and feel good about yourself so that you can be there for your children, and be a positive influence in their growing up years.

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