The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Bride-To-Be

If there is one day that you want to look your best, it has to be your wedding day.

The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Bride-To-Be

Truth to be told, our wedding day is one of the most important days in our life, but that also mean that you will be overwhelmed during the months leading up to the big day. From the guest list, the aisle decor, to managing family expectations and choosing the loveliest gown, all the stress that build up over time may cause skin problems or even fluctuating weight that may not be the best for the bride-to-be.

What should we do to make sure that we are well prep for our big day? Let us tell you the must-dos to make sure that you look your best as you walk down the aisle.

1. Start early

You should start all your workouts, diets, or beauty regimes at least 6 months before your wedding day.  With time on your hands, you can try out different treatments and products that may take time to see results. If the results are not satisfying or if you developed any allergies, you have more thanenough time to recover from the bad luck.

2. Scrub and mask

Scrub and mask

When we get busy, even the staunchest beauty fanatic may lapse a little and only do the bare minimum for our face. It is important to scrub at least twice a week and mask every other day. Good skin takes time to shine after your years of neglect.

3. Schedule regular facial treatments

It is time to get those additional pampering for your face. Your beauty therapist will be able to advise you on the treatments that are suitable for your skin type and lifestyle. A good facial can help to clear up dead skin and clogged pores and let skincare products penetrate your skin better. A good facial massage can also stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Schedule regular facial treatments

Try BMF BMF Fire & Ice ProAdvance which promises to get your skin ready for your big day at only $138 (U.P. $280).This A-list Hollywood red carpet treatment is designed to renew our skin and stimulate collagen production; you can expect to see a more radiant you after the treatment in just 45 minutes! BMF BMF Fire & Ice ProAdvance helps to brighten, tighten, and smooth our skin and if celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, and Michelle Keegan believe in it, you should too!

4. Whiten your teeth 

Whiten your teeth 

You are going to be smiling A LOT for the cameras on your wedding day. If you don't want your photos to be an exhibition of your stained, yellow teeth, make an appointment with your aesthetician to get your teeth whitened and be photo-ready for the big day.

Good news for all brides-to-be out there: BMF BMF will be bringing in a new teeth whitening treatment come early 2018. The new treatment uses Radio Frequency together with a portable device and a whitening toothpaste to remove stains and whiten teeth, to make sure that our pearly whites are fit for the camera. This fuss-free teeth whitening treatment is peroxide free so post-treatment teeth sensitivity and gum soreness are greatly reduced. Do check with BMF BMF for more updates.

5. Eat healthy

We always say that we are what we eat. Stay away from fried or processed food to avoid dull skin and skin breakouts. When you are nearer your wedding day, avoid consuming too much sugar and sodium to prevent bloating. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet to boost your energy level and clear up your skin. However, always remember to have a well-balanced diet as too much or little of anything is never good.

Eat healthy

If you are not sure of what is good for you, you can always consult a certified Nutritionist from BMF BMF at to be beautiful from the inside out.

6. Start working out

Start working out

A healthy diet must be complemented with a workout regime to keep yourself in shape. You really don't want to be struggling with zipping up your bridal gown on your big day. Set a fitness goal, be disciplined and consistent, and it is a good idea to get yourself some workout buddies to stay motivated.  

7. Go for body treatments

Go for body contouring treatments if your diet and workout ain't doing anything for those stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to go away. The excess bra fat, love handles, bulging tummy, fats on your underarms and the list goes on. 

Go for body treatments

BMF BMF i-Laser Sculpt targets stubborn fats and cellulite to sculpt our body and at the same time reduces tummy bloating. It is an award-winning body contouring system that uses a clinically proven, cutting-edge development in laser lipolysis. Lasers mounted on comfortable pads break down stored fats which are subsequently released through the body's natural system. The entire process is completely natural, doesn't damage surrounding skin or blood vessels, is pain-free, and shows immediate results.

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