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BodyTech Herbal Cream

The Herbal Cream is a body cream with biological properties, in principle produces a good effect without the need for a strong massage. The blend of ancient medicinal herbs of Ivy Extract, Maca, Cinnamon Oil, helps to decongest, remove wastes, and release fatty deposits for natural elimination. Mineral-rich Brown Algae further amplify the lipolytic effect. The therapeutic warmth developed right after application boosts circulation and synergizes the benefits of the active ingredients. BodyTech Herbal Cream is an ideal home treatment for cases of cellulite and excess fatty deposits or for contouring.


Focus on areas with stubborn deposits; love handles, saddlebags, hips, arms, calves. Apply a small amount of cream, spread evenly and lightly massage to penetrate the cream. For a milder heat sensation, if preferred, the Herbal Cream can be mixed with Perfectionist Serum before application. This is recommended especially for sensitive areas such as arms and inner thighs. 

Caution: Wash hands immediately after application.


Product size: 200ml
Retail price: SGD95