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22 Booster Oil

22 Booster Oil is a facial oil that is formulated with botanically-sourced lipids designed to model  the characteristics of the lipids in the skin surface of a healthy 22 year old where skin functions are at their prime. This corrects the proportion of water and lipids in skin, promoting the maintenance of a stronger skin barrier function which retains moisture and protects against damages from external aggressors, repairing skin naturally and reduces skin impurities. Skin elasticity and firmness is also enhanced to deliver healthier and more youthful skin.

Directions: Apply the 22 Booster Oil as the final step of your skincare routine. Apply a few drops of oil on skin and gently spread with fingertips onto face and neck. Massage oil into skin with light pressure.

Product size: 15 ml
Retail price: SGD125
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