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HA Foam Cleanser

This soothing foam cleanser for all skin types has a lightweight lather that dissolves upon contact with skin and removes all traces of makeup and excess oils whilst replenishing moisture into skin. Consisting of 100% Hyaluronic Acid, the cleanser improves moisture retention in skin with its micro-reservoir properties and deep transdermal absorption and delivers moisture continuously to maintain skin hydration levels across the day. Dehydrated skin is rejuvenated with enhanced water absorption ability and skin barrier function is strengthened to form a protective barrier against external aggressors such as reactive oxygen free radicals (ROS), harmful UV rays and pollutants that are main causes of ageing.

Pump foam onto wet palms to form a rich lather, spread foam gently and evenly over face. Use fingertips to gently massage the foam in skin in a circular, upwards and outwards motion over the chin, cheeks, corners of nose, eyebrows, eye area and forehead. Rinse well with water and check hairline to ensure no foam is left behind.

Product size: 150ml
Retail price: SGD60
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