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3x Skin Exosomes Express Therapy
+ 3x Skin Infusion Therapy

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With this revolutionising facial treatment, Skin Exosomes Express Therapy, revitalise your skin to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion effortlessly. Armed with multiple skin‑rejuvenating benefits, exosomes are messenger particles naturally released from cells in our body, responsible for cell‑to‑cell communication. To further boost the effectiveness of exosomes, advanced microneedling is utilised alongside expert skin boosters in this facial treatment.

This collagen induction therapy is:
  • Non-Invasive
  • Safe for All
    Skin Tones
  • Minimal Downtime



“Exosomes therapy allows new exosomes to swoop in to help wake up inactive skin cells and older exosomes so they can get back to work to repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate skin.”
- Allure.com (11 Nov 2022)

“Filled with molecules that help stimulate collagen production, exosomes can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, exosomes can help to repair skin damage such as sun damage and acne scars.”
- Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (20 Apr 2023)

“Because of their small size and molecular makeup, exosomes can penetrate the skin’s deepest layers to deposit their cargo and transmit their cell-activating messages. Once they have been absorbed into the cell, they switch on the fibroblasts to produce up to 600 per cent more collagen and 300 per cent more elastin.”
- Getthegloss.com (30 May 2023)

“Exosomes offer several skin effects, including fibroblast stimulation, wound angiogenesis, collagen extracellular matrix production, inflammation/immune response, hair follicle growth, and dermal papilla cell regeneration.”
- Dermatologytimes.com (19 Nov 2020)


Try it today! 3x Skin Exosomes Express Therapy
+ 3x Skin Infusion Therapy