First-hand accounts from satisfied customers

Our treatments and services have helped many women achieve their skin and body goals. These are some of the many success stories of women who tried and recommended BMF.


"I love every visit to BMF BMF as the environment is always so relaxing. Ever since becoming a mom, I’m always focusing 24/7 of my time & energy on Kayla. So it feels really nice to take a break once a week to pamper myself and I'm sure most mums will be able to relate!"


"I really want to achieve a firmer and toner body, and be able to fit into my old dresses and pants. And I really did achieve all of that and more with BMF. My mum-tum is significantly flatter, my stretch marks have lightened heaps and I’ve even posted a photo of me in bikini on social media which I’ve never done before."


"Based on my skin analysis, I have a high disposition to premature collagen breakdown and skin dryness. After Indiba AgeReversa System, my skin looks brighter and feels amazing! Than you for pampering my skin!"


"I always look forward to my weekly treatments because that’s the only time I can have some “me-time” away from the usual mom duties at home. They are so friendly and professional at the same time."

Lian MeitingLian Meiting

"The good news is I am already starting to see results after 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see more. I've done Pro-freeze on my belly fats and my love handles and the results are really promising!"

Jessica ThamJessica Tham

"I think I’m finally looking slimmer!! Actually, I managed to see a significant difference in my body after 4 treatments. My belly area doesn’t look as flabby as before, definitely more toned and taut. My overall body has also shrunk."

Andrea ChongAndrea Chong

"I recently went for Bella Skin Care’s Advanced Propolis Active Control facial treatment, and my bumps have greatly subsided!"*

Charlene TanCharlene Tan

"My skin condition became healthier after their HydraIntense Solution Treatment and true to it's claim, my skin is supple and brighter after this facial."*

Leanne HoLeanne Ho

"The right beauty partner! Fresher and brighter skin with noticeable change in my facial contours."*

Bella KohBella Koh

"The improvements I’ve noticed were enough to convince me that genetically tailored skincare could be more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach."*

Jessica ThamJessica Tham

"The moment I stepped into Bella Skin Care, all my senses seemed to have came alive yet calmed down at the same time."*


"My face felt more moisturised and refreshed! My skin really felt fresher, softer and more supple."*

Faith TanFaith Tan

"My face was significantly brighter, firmer and even feels tighter in just ONE (360° Illuminator) Treatment."*

Kiyora ChenKiyora Chen

"I was definitely impressed that my dull and tired looking skin was transformed looking whiter, brighter, more glowing, more soothe and more energectic and even after the 360° Illuminator Treatment"*

Zoe LimZoe Lim

"My skin was rehydrated, firmed up by the action of suction of the diamond tip tool, and had a dewy appearance after the treatment."*

Roanna TanRoanna Tan

"After 360° Illuminator Treatment, my skin elasticity is improved, congestions are reduced and my pores are visibly minimised. I feel that my skin feels refreshed and brighter."*

Ong Ai LengOng Ai Leng

"The Venus Freeze treatments which I’ve been experiencing allowed me to tone my body while resting."*

Zoe RaymondZoe Raymond

"It just excites me to see the results that were so easily achievable in such a short period of time. I had a total of 1.5 inches loss around my hips; my waist & hips proportion was my biggest concern."*


"In just 4 weeks, I lost 3.25inches around my problem area!"*

Rachel WongRachel Wong

"The treatments and the healthier eating tips from the nutritionist helped me lose 3kg effortlessly."*

Hui TingHui Ting

"After the 4 weeks programme, I loss 3.7kg, and I am feeling so motivated. Thank you Marie France Bodyline!"*


"Besides achieving my goals of fat loss & muscle gain, the treatments also gave me smoother & firmer-looking skin."*

Shenny YangShenny Yang

"The Venus Freeze treatment which I love the most targets on all the cellulite on my thighs, butt & tummy and the results is AMAZING! My skin feels tighter and firmer!"*

Miss GoobMiss Goob

"After losing an overall of 4.6kg & 25.75 inches in 3 months, now can wear jeans already!"*

Silver AngSilver Ang

"Throughout the 30 days there were some lifestyle changes that I needed to make out of my comfort zone but it was all so worth it, having lost 4 inches off my waist!"*

Fann WongFann Wong

"There is no secret to a healthy and slender body. I am privileged to be able to spearhead this holistic wellness movement encouraging women to make a change in their daily lifestyle...."*