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Fads and beauty hacks that tout fast results almost always overpromise and under-deliver. Our skin care, weight loss and body wellness approaches are curated for a precise regime, rooted in indisputable science, supported by cutting-edge equipment, and applied by trusted experts.

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BMF 360° Wellness Programme

Staying ever-true to our philosophy, we at BMF are committed to empowering women of today to discover their full beauty potential through dedicated and precise solutions backed
by science and technology.

Delve beyond skin deep and awaken your beauty in its full entirety from within with BMF’s Pillars of Wellness for the body, skin, scalp and hair. Incorporating time-tested techniques, breakthrough formulas and state-of-the-art technologies, the Pillars of Wellness represents a 360°, all- encompassing and targeted approach towards total head to toe rejuvenation.

4 Pillars of Body Wellness

Attain our ideal body and beyond effectively and efficiently with this 4 key care pillars to body wellness: Detox, Activate, Burn and Sculpt.



Reset your body by restoring healthy regulatory systems and the purging of toxins with the Detox treatments.

Accumulated toxins and liquids are removed naturally from the body with an improved blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating enhanced cell metabolism.

Free Fatty Acids (FFA) are eliminated and water retention and bloating are reduced, enhancing weight loss results and encouraging inch loss.



Turn up the gears on sluggish internal systems with the Activate treatments.

Cellular metabolic rate is increased, expediting lipolysis and the breaking up of fats in the body, effectively delivering weight loss results.

Skin is tightened as the rate of cell regeneration and collagen production is boosted, giving a more sculpted appearance.



Eliminate stubborn and unwanted fats with the Fat Burning treatments.

Utilising cutting-edge technologies, these treatments works deep into fat pockets, breaking down fat cells and removing them naturally from the body.

Weight loss is achieved from the elimination of fat deposits and circumference reduction occurs at targeted areas of the body.



Reshape your body into a sleeker silhouette with the Sculpt treatments.

Fats are effectively reduced through the transmission of energies into targeted areas of the body.

Skin is tightened and lifted, creating trimmer and more contoured body lines. The appearance of cellulite is also reduced as skin is smoothened.

6 Pillars of Skin Wellness

Achieve skin goals with this 6 key care pillars: Hydration, Renewal, Correct, Anti-Ageing, Lifting and Anti-Pigmentation. Skin concerns are effectively identified, targeted and addressed for total revitalization to its youthful glory, rejuvenated with a luminous radiance.



Nurture dehydrated skin back to optimal health and boost moisture over longer periods with Hydration treatments.

Skin is rehydrated with active ingredients supplying and retaining deep moisture. Cell regeneration is enhanced, efficaciously combating skin fatigue.

Oiliness is reduced with the restoration of sebum moisture balance and left looking plump, supple and radiant with a dewy luminosity.



Breathe new life into skin for total revitalization with Renewal treatments.

Cell regeneration is stimulated, boosting the natural skin renewal cycle.

Skin repair and healing functions are also enhanced and collagen production is stimulated.

This produces healthier, younger and firmer skin with reduced appearance of blemishes and a brightened skin tone.



Remedy targeted skin concerns with the Correct treatments.

Skin problems such as blemishes, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, UV damage, loss of skin elasticity and development of wrinkles and fine lines may develop as we transition across different life phases.

These concerns are effectively addressed through the restoration of skin health and functions, truly improving skin quality and appearance.



Reverse signs of ageing with the Anti-ageing treatments.

Through advanced technologies and supercharged formulas, health is restored to skin at a cellular level and collagen synthesis is activated.

A complete skin revitalization is achieved as skin is tightened and lifted, and fine lines filled out and smoothened. Dull and sallow skin is brightened, for a supple and wrinkle-free complexion that simply glows with a youthful radiance.



Attain perfectly illuminated skin with the Anti-pigmentation treatments.

Pigmentation and dark spots are lightened to a smooth, spotless complexion. Skin is also protected against the effects of photo-ageing as UV-induced damage is counteracted, deterring the development of dark spots.

Skin brightness is recovered and skin tone is refined, delivering a refreshed and luminous look.



Firm and lift your skin from within with the Lifting treatments.

Skin cells being stimulated from the deepest of layers through non-surgical means, reversing skin laxity as skin is firmed and tightened. Elasticity of the skin is restored, and fine lines and wrinkles reduced.

A lifted and more contoured facial profile is achieved, restoring the peak appearance of youth.

4-Pillars of Scalp & Hair Care

Achieve an enviable crowning glory with a rejuvenated scalp and hair through the 4 levels of care categorized by the Pillars of Scalp and Hair care. Through the integration of in-house procedures and at-home regimens into personalized treatment journeys right for you and right now, scalp is restored to a healthier state and new life is breathed into limp and weak hair.



Treatments focus on deep cleansing of scalp and follicles for the removal of hardened sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and build-up from chemical treatments such as hair dyeing, perming and rebonding in preparation of the scalp for the absorption of solutions.



Treatments focus on the restoration of the balance of pH levels of the scalp via the reduction of sebum and oil levels to normal levels, preventing micro-inflammation whilst boosting cell function and enhancing growth potential of hair follicles.



Treatments target specific hair loss triggers with the utilization of therapies to address the root problem at hand such as correcting hormonal imbalances caused by stress and/or pregnancy, circumventing or turn around the hair fall situation. Therapies may be combined for maximum efficacy.



Once the scalp is nurtured to optimal condition, treatments are concentrated on the restoration of hair volume through intensive therapies that encourages the growth of luscious, healthy hair that are thicker and stronger from root to top.

Introducing the 360° Wellness Programme

Professional Personal Coach for Breakthrough Results

The first step towards building a beauty regime towards desired body and skin goals may feel insurmountable for many, overwhelmed by a plethora of different treatments and uncertain which best meets your needs.
The 360° Wellness Programme is specifically designed to be your personal coach that presents you with meticulously tailored regimes guided by the Pillars of Wellness for the body and skin, seamlessly executed to your needs and intentions.

Curated Body Programmes

360° D.A.B.S Body Core Programme

Starts from a curated selection of 7X body treatments* from $638 (U.P. $2,100)

360° D.A.B.S Body Smart Programme

Consists of a curation of 12X body treatments* at $1,328 (U.P. $4,340)

*Some of the premium body treatments include Pro Z-Wave, ONDA Smart Body Intelligent and Venus Supreme Body.

Curated Skin Programmes

360° H.R.C.AA Skin Programme

Starts from a curated selection of 6X facial treatments* from $498 (U.P. $1,290)

*Programme includes premium facial treatments such as Triple Intelligent HydroSkin, Venus Supreme Face and Cellular Age Reversa.

Curated Unified Body & Skin Programme

360° Combi Programme

Fulfil your body and skin needs at once with this unified programme that combines the best of both worlds. Turnaround your body to perfection with a powerful combination of Detox and Burn treatments whilst revitalizing your skin and restoring youth with dedicated facial treatments.

Consists of a curation of 6X body and skin treatments* at $528 (U.P. $1,710)

*Programme includes premium body treatments such as Pro Z-Wave.

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