Life Empowerment Hacks with Fann Wong - We Let You in on Her Beauty Secrets

Life Empowerment Hacks with Fann Wong - We Let You in on Her Beauty Secrets

Unifying the expertise from the industry's best-known names, Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline came together to launch BMF.

Fann Wong, the ambassador of BMF, was present at the event to inaugurate the launch of the new BMF BMF Beauty Gym at orchardgateway@emerald. Balancing her family commitments with her career is no small feat but Fann Wong still looked absolutely stunning amidst her hectic schedule. "I love the welcoming decor of this new flagship store. Besides, I can now pamper myself from head to toe, from facials to slimming treatments, all at BMF," said Fann Wong.

Life Empowerment Hacks with Fann Wong - We Let You in on Her Beauty Secrets

Fann regained her silhouette shortly after giving birth and she looked like she was glowing from within at the event. We were curious to find out how she stays in such a tip-top condition and she shared that besides having a healthy lifestyle, she goes for her favourite treatment at BMF regularly to make sure that both her face and body are in good shape.

Fann Wong’s favourite body and face combination package treatment: 360 Turnaround

Fann Wong

Fann Wong's favourite treatment is none other than the 360 Turnaround that combines both skin care treatment, Hydraintense Solution, and body care treatment, ProFreeze therapy. For the convenience of the busy modern women, the whole new concept of a beauty gym allows us to save time while effectively achieving beautiful skin and a perfect body. Both skin and body well-being treatments can be done together in just 1 session. This is perfect for any modern woman with a busy and hectic lifestyle, just like Fann herself.

Skin care treatment -  Hydraintense Solution

We know that hydration is the foundation for good skin and Hydraintense Solution is the treatment that is perfect for moisture-deprived skin.


1. Increases skin moisture significantly

2. Smoothens wrinkles and tightens skin from within by rebuilding weakened structure

3. Produced a micro-lifting effect on the skin

Body care therapy- Pro-Freeze therapy

We don't just want good skin, we want to achieve that body silhouette that we covet too. 360 Turnaround includes Pro-Freeze which an alternative to liposuction that requires no incision, no anaesthetic, no surgery, and no downtime. It uses fat-freezing technology to safely freeze fat cells without harming surrounding tissues, and the fat cells are then removed by the body's natural processes.

1. Zero downtime
2. Permanently removes up to 25%* of unwanted fat in a single session
3. Targeted inch loss
4. Reshapes silhouette
5. Improves skin elasticity
6. Precise and targeted fat elimination

Fann Wong

If you are inspired by Fann's glowing skin, and Fann's perfect figure is now your #bodygoal, you may want to try out the BMF 360 Turnaround Treatment which is her absolute favourite.

Besides, every woman deserves to be pampered and given only the best. BMF BMF is the place where technology gives you the freedom to pursue a curated and precise rejuvenation regime rooted in science. Here, your every step is digitalised for advanced diagnostic, consultation, and treatment processes. BMF BMF is a place where you walk out rejuvenated with confidence, and a place you will look forward to going for a relaxing session.

A beauty awakened, defined only by you.