How to Lose Weight in Singapore - The Healthy Way

How to Lose Weight in Singapore - The Healthy Way

Losing weight in Singapore is hard - we most certainly get it. People might think it’s just an excuse, but we know better. It is getting increasingly hard to lose weight in our tropical island in light of the greater accessibility of fast food, mounting levels of stress and more.

The ever-changing food landscape of Singapore is also not helping with its constant introduction of Instagram-worthy food, that are usually not scoring high on the healthy index. We’re talking about monster milkshakes, all-you-can-eat greasy BBQ buffets, pretty cakes, pastries and more. Couple that with our penchant for carbohydrate-heavy dishes such as fried noodles, chicken rice and more, the war against obesity in Singapore has just gotten tougher.

Woman capturing a photo on her food

On top of that, in our time-strapped culture, where food-loving people have found much joy with conveniences that technology brought about, such as ride-hailing and food delivery apps, it is of little wonder that losing weight may not be part of Singaporean’s priorities.

Hence, if you are looking to lose weight to improve your health and well-being, pat yourself on the back - for that is the first step to losing weight: YOUR INTENTION.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Timely reminders are needed to bolster your determination in your weight loss journey; the benefits of weight loss should be instilled in your mentality and goals. So whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you’re working on it in the first place.

Here are the 3 top reasons for losing weight, which we feel are beneficial for you in the long run:

1. Health

Your health should always be the prime reason for your weight loss plans. The ‘Love Your Body’ or ‘Body Positivity movement recently has been making waves online, calling out people or brands who “fat-shame” other body types and the likes.

While it started with noble intentions, the movement cannot be construed as a green-light for all to disregard the fact that maintaining a healthy body weight is essential to your health. It has been scientifically proven that obesity can cause certain diseases and chronic illnesses. In the long run, these obesity-related diseases will be putting a strain on your health, finances and well-being.

In fact, 1.7 million Singaporeans are already at risk of obesity-related diseases - that’s almost one-third of Singapore’s entire population!

A few obesity-related diseases are:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Gout

Our health is often taken for granted as we do not tend to take notice of ailments until symptoms are rather severe. Certain illnesses such as diabetes can be reversed if you’ve caught the situation in time, but how often do people get their scheduled health checks?

While losing weight is the primary goal, remember that you are doing it for your health. Don’t rely on crash diets or methods that will harm your health and well-being such as not eating; losing too much weight in a short time is harmful to your body.

2. Confidence

A healthier, more svelte you will do wonders as a confidence booster! It can be as simple as adding that extra spring in your step or maybe finding yourself with a smile on your face more often than not.

Self confidence is the best outfit

A person’s personality and demeanour can make a world of difference. It’s hard to appreciate non-tangible items sometimes; hence, we want to remind you that a person’s confidence is very underrated.

3. Aesthetic Issues

Everyone’s body physique is different - there is no denying it. However, an overweight person with a fat percentage level higher than the norm may experience unwanted physical changes such as darkened skin areas caused by chafing, hirsutism and more.

Obesity can also cause a host of issues that come off as aesthetic factors at first, but lead on to more severe consequences. A good example would be snoring caused by excess fat around the neck, which in the long run can lead to sleep apnea where your body is deprived of rest. Sleep apnea is often associated with high blood pressure, and may affect your day to day activities as you may not be yourself when you are constantly tired.

Tips on How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Resolute on losing weight now? Here comes the confusing part - how do you shed the extra weight and keep it off? The mass volume of information coming from all angles can be daunting - we’re sure you may have heard of several diets or exercise methods, to the latest weight-loss technologies, but you just don’t have the time and energy to try it all.

This article is here to sieve out all the excess information and keep it trim to the basics - start with these simple tips to get ahead on your weight-loss journey:

1. It is a lifestyle

Repeat after us - you are in it to win it! Change your mindset towards losing weight; instead of thinking of it as a chore, think of it as an exploration journey where your destination is a healthier you.

Rediscover yourself by experimenting with healthier food options instead of sacrificing your favourite meals; such as replacing pasta with cucumber strips, using honey as a sweetener instead of sugar and more.

Woman preparing healthy dish

Pique your curiosity on this lifestyle by trying more on healthy and tasty food recipes; explore different exercise classes and more.

2. Consult a Nutritionist

To lose weight, it is essential that you do not consume more calories than your body needs to expend it. Before you dismiss this as a push for you to calorie count, we’re merely suggesting that you visit a certified Nutritionist to assess your eating habits, and make recommendations based on your lifestyle.

A Certified Nutritionist is able to better advise you on healthier options of your favourite foods, how often a cheat meal is acceptable and make meal plans for you to hit your weight loss goals.

3. Purchase a Fitness Wearable

Want to monitor your daily progress to feel more motivated? How about purchasing a Fitness Wearable such as a Fitbit or Pedometer?

Woman checking her wrist watch

Track your daily step count to see if you can outdo your step count the day before, or estimate how much calories your body expends daily via a Fitbit.

Certain Fitness Wearables allow you to sync with friends to compete or encourage each other on their progress.

4. Consider Body Wellness Treatments

As mentioned in a previous article, spot reduction exercises don’t work. Consider breakthrough Body Wellness Technology to help trim excess fats on stubborn spots on the body.

Such as the scientifically proven LipoVisceral Trim treatment targeted at reducing visceral fat in the abdomen area, or I-Laser Sculpt, which helps break down stubborn fats.

Complemented with a healthy diet, these treatments drive your weight loss efforts that extra mile.

5. Stress Management

Stress is often an underlying factor or weight gain - be in emotional eating or being unable to sleep. Singaporeans among the world’s worst sleepers Philips global sleep survey shows.

Woman woke up from sleep

“Sleep is a key pillar of good overall health, as equally important as having a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. While most are aware that sleep is fundamentally important, achieving the recommended eight hours of quality sleep is still an elusive goal for many people each night,” said Mark Aloia, PhD, Global Lead for Behavior Change, Sleep & Respiratory Care at Philips.

Chronic high levels of stress can cause an increase in cortisol which has been tied to fat accumulation around the abdomen area.

Learn to manage your stress levels in a healthy manner, such as taking a short 10 minute break or practicing good sleeping habits such as not using your mobile phone in bed prior to sleeping.

We hope these tips will set you off on an enjoyable journey to a healthier you. Weight loss is more than just appearances when it affects your daily life and health. You’d want the best in everything, why aim for the best version of you?

Remember, you’re in it to win it and you don’t have to do it on your own!