Our Nutritionists

Jennifer Ling

BSc (Hons) in Food and Human Nutrition, Newcastle University, UK

Jennifer believes good nutrition, along with physical activity, is the foundation of good physical and mental health, which also means looking and feeling amazing. When it comes to food, Jennifer does not believe in a one-size-fits-all diet, but rather, balance and moderation.

Jennifer Ling


Jennifer successfully attained her Bachelor's degree (Hons) in Food & Human Nutrition from Newcastle University, UK, supported by a full scholarship. Her journey is more than just academia—it's a vibrant fusion of research, fun, and creativity. 

Better Health in Mind

Her major interest has always been to combat obesity and prevention of chronic diseases. Immersing herself in the world of research and clinical science, Jennifer has had the privilege of working alongside esteemed researchers and clinicians. These experiences have not only enriched her understanding but have also earned her accolades, including poster awards, conference presentations, and the publication of two research papers in 2021.

Jennifer advocates for the role of good nutrition and physical activity as the cornerstone of both physical and mental well-being, which also means looking and feeling amazing. When it comes to food, Jennifer does not believe in a one-size-fits-all diet, but rather, balance, moderation and being flexible. 

Hobbies & Interests

Beyond her professional endeavours, Jennifer is an adventurer at heart, always eager to explore new travel destinations and indulging in a culinary escapade. Feel free to share post-travel weight gain struggle or check in with her for guide to guilt-free indulgence. Jennifer's diverse interests extend to music and sports pursuits as well, with tennis being her favourite. Jennifer fell in love with the beautiful costumes and performances of her primary school band, and that sparked her interest in joining. This passion carried on to her secondary school military band, and later on, the symphonic band in JC, clinching golds in all the years of SYF competitions. This journey has developed her leadership, dedication and allowed her to experience the joy of teamwork and the versatility of mastering a diverse range of instruments.

Serving the Community

Jennifer has dedicated over 15 years to serving her church as a Sunday school teacher and youth leader. Her youth group’s commitment to volunteer work garnered recognition, just receiving an award (Dec 2023) from the Hope Initiative Alliance. However, Jennifer’s most treasured memory would be in 2013, where she was involved as a team of student leaders playing a pivotal role in planning, executing, and evaluating programs aimed at assisting Cambodian children, an experience that profoundly enriched her life.