Our Nutritionists

Zhi Ying Then

BSc (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition, International Medical University, Malaysia

Zhi Ying believes that feeling and looking good has always started from within. A consistent & healthy lifestyle will surely help in enhancing your overall health & well-being and make you beautiful from inside out.

Zhi Ying Then


Zhi Ying is a registered Dietitian with passion in leading clients on a path to optimal health and ideal appearance by personalizing food and nutrition plan and lifestyle strategies that's align with client's beauty goals. She provides dietetics services in both clinical and community settings for individuals with different medical condition before joining BMF The Aesthetic People.  

Good Listener and Problem Solver

As a Nutritionist,  Zhi Ying shares her nutritional knowledge,  practice Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), and provide nutrition education & counselling as needed according to client's goals, health status, and barrier they encounter along their beauty journey.  

"I will listen to you,  inspire, and motivate you along the journey in achieving your beauty goal"

Every Individual is Unique

Zhi Ying believes each individual lives with a unique body. By providing individualized plan, along with trust and patience, she can help you to discover strategies in maximizing your mental and physical health, along with your ideal physique which leads to a better quality of life.