BMF Collab Svenson

360-degree Approach for Head to Toe Perfection

Head to toe perfection is within reach and at your convenience, with the concerted teamwork of BMF and Svenson Hair - at BMF Beauty Gyms!

Echoing BMF’s philosophy, this partnership between two trusted brands brings to you BMF HAIR. Spearheading a rejuvenating experience that delivers a holistic advantage to clients, this joint collaboration aims to empower the modern woman to awaken their innate beauty with precise solutions backed by science and technology.


Curated to fit the busy lifestyles of today’s women, the collaboration embraces a 360-degree approach to beauty care: body, face and hair - all under one roof. Working together with another well respected brand that is aligned with the values of BMF, this new initiative aspires to provide the flexibility, assurance and efficacy of science-based solutions to clients on their journey to their desired goal.


You can now indulge in a spa ambience while receiving a customised hair and scalp treatment. Designed to treat individual hair woes and types, the treatment will help you achieve healthier, sleeker hair, while giving you a chance to melt your stresses away. Every part of the collaboration experience is top-notch, using state-of-the-art technology, held in a space of chic tranquility for your head to toe perfection.


Bringing together diverse fields of expertise and philosophies of excellence from Svenson, anticipate heightened hair health as the curated scalp health solutions focuses on achieving hair follicle health for stronger, thicker strands. Your crowning glory is in good hands with the Svenson team as the treatments breathe life into limp hair while lustre and bounce is restored - all while relaxing in a safe, comfortable environment.

4-Levels OF CARE

Your Haffirmations journey begins with 4 Levels of Care. Sit back, relax and let the scalp and hair advisors do the work for you as they customize your treatment journey based on the diagnostic analysis of your scalp and hair as well as your needs, integrating in-house procedures and at-home regimens from the 4 Levels of Care that follows you through into your daily life.


Treatments focus on deep cleansing of scalp and follicles for the removal of hardened sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and build-up from chemical treatments such as hair dyeing, perming and rebonding in preparation of the scalp for the absorption of solutions.


Treatments focus on the restoration of the balance of pH levels of the scalp via the reduction of sebum and oil levels to normal levels, preventing micro-inflammation whilst boosting cell function and enhancing growth potential of hair follicles.


Treatments target specific hair loss triggers with the utilization of therapies to address the root problem at hand such as correcting hormonal imbalances caused by stress and/or pregnancy, circumventing or turn around the hair fall situation. Therapies may be combined for maximum efficacy.


Once the scalp is nurtured to optimal condition, treatments are concentrated on the restoration of hair volume through intensive therapies that encourages the growth of luscious, healthy hair that are thicker and stronger from root to top.

Be thoroughly pampered with each indulgent experience and feel the stress melt away as the therapist works efficiently and effectively through the treatments, restoring scalp to a healthier state and breathing life into limp and weak hair. Walk out at the end of each dedicated session with a fuller, luxuriant and polished set of hair that adds a natural bounce to your every step.

Your hair – there is nothing like it and nothing should stand in the way of affirming it. Arrest scalp and hair issues before they occur with Haffirmations and achieve a confidence that radiates anytime anywhere with unwavering pride in your crowning glory.


Attain your holistic beauty experience in the new norm, safely and conveniently, by minimising your commute and contact circle with our new collaboration.

Located conveniently in the heart of the city,
BMF HAIR is available at Orchard Gateway, Marina Square and Bishan, serving to deliver signature facials and body treatments together with Svenson Hair solutions, for your head to toe revitalisation.

Do away with the hassle and stress of multiple bookings or commutes to different locations, and rest assured that you are in good hands as your beauty needs are met safely, conveniently and effectively - all in your best interest.

Leave BMF HAIR feeling refreshed and amazing in both body and mind, as you put your best foot forward radiating confidence from the inside out.


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